The best laid plans..

For the last few months I have been working on getting my artwork images ready for my website and for print on demand. I had it all worked out.. or so I thought.

I touched my paintings up, took pictures of everything, measured and edited and took pictures a few more times. I worked and worked and finally I had it all ready. I put all my paintings in my Portfolio on my website and added Paypal buy now buttons. Then I added everything to Imagekind so that I could also sell prints and I added those links to all my images. It all looked great! So I started my Facebook page and started sharing on Instagram and joined #abundantartshow – a virtual art show to help get things going. Then I thought.. “Gee, i should order some samples of the prints.”

I got those prints on Thursday and while it was cool to see prints of my work I realized that they didn’t look good enough.


I didn’t have a problem with how they were printed or packaged or anything like that– I just realized MY image files needed to be better. Most of my issues had to do with glare.  I worked so hard to get things just right and I realized it had to all be done again. It was so disappointing and so overwhelming.

I went back to my portfolio and removed all those links to “Buy Prints”. I just didn’t want anyone to be as disappointed as I was.

So back to taking pictures again. I found some great resources on the interwebs to help me with taking better images. I also learned about using the RAW format while shooting and angling my lights better. I will get there, it will just take a little time. But I want it to be right.

So it is all a work in progress, and I’m learning how as I go along. I won’t give up!

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